Zen and the Art of Adversarial Machine Learning

Machine learning has so far been relatively unchecked on its way to world domination. As the high pace of ML research continues, ML is being integrated into all manner of business processes – chatbots, sales lead generation, maintenance decisions, policing, medicine, recommendations... However, there are several security concerns that have been unaccounted for which has led to some less than desirable outcomes. Researchers have been able to extract PII from language models, red teamers have stolen (and then bypassed) spam and malware classification models, citizens have been incorrectly identified as criminals, otherwise qualified home buyers have been denied mortgages. This is just scratching the surface...

By: Will Pearce & Giorgio Severi

Full Abstract & Presentation Materials: https://www.blackhat.com/eu-21/briefings/schedule/#zen-and-the-art-of-adversarial-machine-learning-24746
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