YTD Dinero on "HD" going viral on WSHH, father passing when he was 10, trapping out Bluff Wood

In this interview with St. Louis rapper YTD Dinero he reflects back on his early life. He moved to St. Charles county after originally living in Glasgow Village in north county. He didn't have a stable place to live due to his father not being able to hold a job for long. His song "HD" is what got him noticed after going viral and eventually landing on World star hiphop and Blanco Tarantino TV. And this all came together due to Big Boss Fabo connecting him with Torrey Productions. HIs father passed away when he was just 10 years old liver failure after surviving a house fire. This placed his family in a difficult position. He start getting into the streets shortly after at the age of 13. St. Charles county is one of many places being effected by the opioid epidemic. Effecting many people due to overdoses and addictions, he was also affected by these problems. Him and his friends "trapped" out Bluffwoods, making it notorious to this day.

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