YouTube Employee Reveals The Truth About Thumbnails Being Deleted - YouTuber News

There is a buzz right now in the YouTube community about thumbnails being deleted in favor of the auto preview hover feature. There is also some excitement about a/b testing being built into YouTube. Today, we're talking about those things and more YouTube Creator News.

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Sources and links mentioned in the news:

Todd's tweet

The second tweet I'm not linking to for the sake of their privacy since I'm talking against their tweet...don't want drama...lol.

Creator Insiders

Live Streaming Guide

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0:00 - YouTuber News
0:28 - YouTube Thumbnails - Removing?
1:39 - YouTube Thumbnails - A/B Testing?
2:27 - Live Streaming Education Hub
3:07 - Likes & Subscribers Gained Metrics for Community Posts
3:35 - Remixed Videos Stats
3:47 - Nick and Dee Christmas Stream
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