Your worst day in the office ransomware webinar

What would be the worst day imaginable for your COLP and the leadership team? Might it be your firm suffering a serious ransomware attack?

Responding to security incidents that place your firm in jeopardy is a complex, business-critical activity that will involve your COLP plus board members and your IT and data protection team, as well as insurers, crisis communications agencies and security professionals.

This webinar was designed to guide you on how to respond to a ransomware attack to ensure you’re prepared for the worst.

Chaired by Kolvin Stone, our head of technology, guided our audience through:

The critical steps in responding to a security incident during the first 24 hours
The main legal issues arising out of a ransomware attack
The team and critical functions needed to respond to an attack
Preparing for and managing legal and regulatory risk
How to respond when the attack becomes public and the role of PR.

The panel included:

Arno Robbertse, CEO, ITC Secure
Daniel Sutherland, head of our professional services group
Louise Beeson, senior consultant, Bell Yard Communications
Nigel Miller, head of our data protection group
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