Your 1st Job Search | Careers Series | Nursing in South Africa

Welcome back, Family!

I trust you are all safe.

This is the beginning of a series to help you peruse your career. It doesn’t matter where we begin, as long as we do indeed begin somewhere.
Jobs are scarce in South Africa at this moment, you have to take opportunities that are presented to you, no matter what that job is.

In this video we discuss the beginning of your career path.
Presentation is everything regardless of your budget.
You can look put together with clean,ironed and appropriate clothing with shoes.
Plan the companies you will approach.
Be early and energetic.
Don’t be discouraged because the breakthrough is always around the corner.
You’ve got this!!

Stay safe and God bless

This channel is for educational purposes only. The views and opinions are based on my personal experiences. Please take what resonants with you and leave the rest.
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