"You can't sit with us." | Successful Kpop Idol (Request)

♡ Hello, lovelies. Open me for the benefits ♡
♡ Be the most successful kpop idol in the world/ Be the ultimate idol/ Be the most famous idol in the world ♡
♡ Drink water
♡ The images are for visualization
♡ Remember, you already have your results. Your subconscious is very powerful. If you think you have your results after one listen, you will.
♡ Listen 2-4 times a day until you have your desired results
♡ (None of my subs are monetized, so if there are any ads, it's because it was claimed.) ♡
♡ Most successful kpop idol
♡ Pass any and all auditions
♡ Get scouted by every kpop company
♡ Every company fights to have you
♡ The best dancer anyone has ever seen
♡ The best singer anyone has ever heard
♡ The best rapper anyone has ever heard
♡ Best of the best at everything
♡ Unlimited stamina
♡ Everyone is in awe at how good you are at everything
♡ Critically acclaimed- win every award and be a household name
♡ Have billions of adoring fans
♡ Everything you make instantly goes number one
♡ Every concept is unique and one of a kind
♡ Make billions of dollars
♡ Every show is sold out
♡ Have thousands of gigs, performances, and interviews
♡ Have hundreds of comebacks
♡ Be on the cover of magazines and billboards- your face is everywhere
♡ Be loved and sponsored by luxury brands
♡ Everyone wants to work with you
♡ Be famous in every country
♡ Fit Korean Beauty standards perfectly- be beautiful and talented
♡ Get along with everyone/ be well-loved by everyone
♡ Be immune to harm from your company, or any sasaengs
♡ Always safe and out of harm's way
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