Yes, you can create a personalized employee experience with your global intranet

A global intranet and a personalized employee experience aren’t mutually exclusive ideas. In fact, it’s possible to meet the individual needs of your global workers for higher engagement and productivity. You can manage multiple subsidiaries, brands, languages, office locations, departments – and tailor your content to specific groups, including frontline workers who don’t have a company laptop or mobile. Join us to find out how.

What you’ll learn

· How to provide a personalized intranet employee experience

· How to create an inclusive intranet for frontline and deskless employees

· How a modern intranet can help unite your organization and strengthen your company culture


Beezy is the all-in-one intelligent digital workplace, built for Microsoft 365 and created to deliver the best possible employee experience. Proven to scale to 300,000+ users, Beezy meets the needs of large, complex organizations. We make it simple for your employees to create, find, and engage with everything they need – all in one streamlined professional environment that’s 100% native to Microsoft. With Beezy, workflows are automated, communication is easy, collaboration actually works, and employees are happier as a result. Find out why the world’s leading and largest enterprises rely on Beezy every day.
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