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Get more job interviews with these 3 golden tips for your resume.

Tip 1 - Keep resume relevant to the job

Every role is different, so you must make sure to write about the most relevant experience for the job. Not only do you have to include the skills that you have gained, but you must make sure they are relevant to the position. If those points are not relevant, the hiring managers and recruiters might read your resume and think you are awesome, but won't know why they should interview you.

Tip 2 - Tell your accomplishments
It must be results-oriented on your resume. Tell the recruiters how much revenue you helped the company create in previous roles or expenses you helped them save. This would help the hiring managers have a better idea about your skills.

But remember, you could have a resume full of numbers and results that you have achieved and still not get an interview. That’s because the results you include in your resume must be necessary for the job you are applying to. If you are not sure if you have the correct results on your resume, read the job description for your desired role again.

Tip 3: Use simple language

Your resume could be full of distractions that make it hard to understand. These distractions are jargon.

Jargon in resumes is any word or accomplishment that would be difficult to understand for others outside of your company or industry. This could leave the recruiters and hiring managers confused about what they are reading. This means, no interview for you.

To catch and remove jargon, pull a few job descriptions of your ideal role and study the language they use to describe the responsibilities and qualifications for the position. Then, read your resume to see if you use the same language to tell your experience. If not, remove the jargon and make the resume simple.

If your resume has any of these mistakes, that’s good news! You can fix the mistakes and start with your job search, which should help you get more interviews for the jobs you’ll love.

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