Wrapper Classes in Java | Java Tutorial For Beginners | Autoboxing | Auto Unboxing with Example

#Java provides type wrappers, which are classes that #encapsulate a primitive type within an object.

A #wrapperclass wraps (encloses) around a data type and gives it an object appearance. Whatever, the data type is required as an object, this object can be used. Wrapper classes include methods to unwrap the object and give back the data type.

Uses of #WrapperClasses:

When 2 methods wants to refer to the same instance of primitive type, then pass wrapper class as method argument.
Generics in Java works only with object and does not support primitive types.
Collections in Java deal only with objects, to store a primitive type in one of these classes, you need to wrap the primitive type in a class.
When you want to refer null from data type, you need an object. Primitives can not have null as value.

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