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Today we clear the air a bit regarding Big Daddy Unlimited and the allegations of copyright infringement, Rare Breed Triggers lawsuit, and patent rights. This source comes from an employee who at heart loves the 2a community and firearms, simply put he is sick of his company and passion being dragged through the mud.

Why a small channel would get an exclusive over a larger channel? I am always unbiased and wait for facts to be presented in official capacity instead of "Brand Riding" a name because I prefer one company over another.

In my talks with this particular person, I could hear the sincerity in his voice when he spoke and how burdensome it is to have his passion be degraded without cause or substantial proof besides "word of mouth" from YouTubers who need to find something interesting to talk about for views and financial gain.

DISCLAIMER: I in no way was compensated or paid to make this video, I am not a representative of Big Daddy Unlimited and my views do not reflect them. There was no exchange of money, products, or promise of compensation for this video.

I am looking at the facts presented in official documents and assessing the situation as a whole. This video is NOT meant to be slanderous to Rare Breed Triggers and I have no Ill will towards the company. We all make mistakes and sometimes its better to take a step back and re evaluate the situation.

These are facts as presented and I am positive more information will come from Big Daddy Unlimited in the future who is currently fighting for your 2nd Amendment rights from the shadows and preparing for that case which is far more important to them than responding to hear say accusations which I can respect.

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