WorkingNation Overheard: Diana Spencer on HR catching up to skills-based hiring

There is more traction for skills-based hiring, but HR has some catching up to do, according to Diana Spencer, executive director, William G. McGowan Charitable Fund.

WorkingNation sat down with Spencer at SHRM 2022 Annual Conference & Expo in New Orleans.

She says skills-based hiring addresses many issues. “It addresses people who are jobless, people who have lived in poverty. It addresses so many things to bring people in. What they're learning is that these people often become very loyal to the company. So, I think that there's a lot of power in it, but it still is developing.”

Additionally, the Fund announced at the SHRM gathering its first-ever McGowan Fund Fellows Program Ethical Leader of the Year Award to Charles F. Lowrey, chairman and CEO at Prudential Financial.

Spencer notes it was important to announce the award winner at the SHRM gathering. “Everything goes through HR and additionally, the role of HR today has never been more important. They are, in large part, establishing the culture of the organization. They're implementing the culture of the leader – the CEO, through their hiring practices, through their expectations, through their employee reviews.”

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