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When your child is struggling—whether it’s with anxiety, anger management, or depression—focusing on anything other than how they’re doing can be difficult to nearly impossible. Yet so many parents are straining day after day to support their children while trying to keep up at work. And so many lack enough flexibility, understanding, and paid time off from their employer to take care of everything they need to do, from finding their children a therapist to taking them to appointments.

What can mothers, managers, and leaders do to make work more manageable? The executive director of the children’s mental health advocacy group On Our Sleeves shares ideas and advice.

Marti Bledsoe Post is the executive director of the children’s mental health advocacy group On Our Sleeves and the author of Retrofit: The Playbook for Modern Moms: https://www.amazon.com/Retrofit-Playbook-Marti-Bledsoe-Post/dp/0578556863


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00:00 – Intro / The Children’s Mental Health Crisis
05:02 – The Maternal Wall Bias
08:26 – Talking About Your Child’s Mental Health at Work
16:59 – Sharing with Boundaries
19:33 – Resources for Parents, Caregivers, and Employers
24:58 – “Should I Keep Working, or Should I Give it Up?”
31:33 – You’re Handling Things Better Than You Think
34:54 – Peers/Work Friends are a Valuable Resource
38:37 – Outro

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