Workers' Rights: What to Do if Your Employee Rights are Violated?

In this video interview with an Employee-Side Attorney, Donna Ballman explains worker’s rights and how to deal with termination without notice, unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment, favoritism, toxic culture, and COVID-19 vaccine requirement. Watch expert answers to particular cases with Amazon employees and Christian Smalls fight with Amazon.

00:00 - Introduction
01:26 - Common workplace issues
04:20 - Top reasons for being fired
05:25 - At-Will Employment law
06:35 - What to consider when fired
09:38 - Protection from employment discrimination
10:46 - When you should quit
12:26 - Should you dispute your termination
13:46 - How to report a workplace issue
14:52 - How to complain against the employer
16:39 - Amazon employee on favoritism and toxic culture
19:41 - Amazon employee on sexual harassment
22:56 - Christian Smalls vs. Amazon
25:01 - Fighting for worker’s rights
30:04 - Reporting unsafe conditions
31:58 - Can an employer demand COVID-19 vaccination
36:49 - Tips for employees

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