Workers Reveal What It's Really Like To Work At Panda Express

Panda Express has been serving up Americanized, fast Chinese food in mall food courts and standalone locations since 1983. In that almost 40 year span of business, the chain has become known for some fan-favorite dishes, quick service and cleanliness.

If you've never worked at Panda Express, it may be easy to make assumptions about what having a job there is like. But if you want to know the real deal, you have to take the word of the people who have lived it, dishing out orange chicken for hungry patrons at a breakneck pace. Watch to learn the ins and outs as workers reveal what it's really like to work at Panda Express.

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Monitored by cameras | 0:00
Must memorize food codes | 1:24
Disappointing vegetarians | 2:14
Free food with a catch | 2:58
Bonuses | 3:40
Secret to soft veggies | 4:24
Serving spoon etiquette | 5:07
Orange chicken goes viral | 6:02
Rewarding customers | 6:53
Microwave use | 8:02
Menu pairings | 8:36
How favorites are made | 9:15

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