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Banville Law is a Manhattan Personal Injury Law Firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured New Yorkers. Banville Law seeks maximum compensation for its clients while making the whole legal process as comfortable as possible. The legal team at Banville Law assists clients with claims related to construction accidents, slip, and fall accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, birth injury cases, medical malpractice, fire & burn injuries, work injury accidents, and workers' comp claims.

Our local office in Manhattan also extends its services out to other areas such as Manhattan, Lincoln Square, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Yorkville, Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, Manhattan Valley, Morningside Heights, Harlem, Little Brazil, Sugar Hill, Upper Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Tudor City, Hells Kitchen, Garment District, Bloomdale, and Diamond District, NY.

New York City Workers' Comp Attorneys

A workers' compensation attorney helps injured employees obtain benefits under the state's workers' compensation laws. Workers' compensation attorneys represent injured employees in claims against employers and insurance companies.

An injury sustained at work may entitle an employee to receive medical care, disability payments, and death benefits. If an employer fails to provide adequate safety equipment or training, the worker may be entitled to additional compensation.

Injured employees should consult with a workers' compensation attorney immediately after sustaining an injury. Our experienced workers' compensation lawyers at Banville Law can help ensure that injured employees in New York City receive the appropriate benefits and compensation they deserve.

When Should I Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect employees injured on the job. If you were hurt on the job, you might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

However, there are times when an employer should hire a workers’ comp lawyer. Here are three situations where hiring a workers’ comp attorney makes sense.

1. When an Employer Fails to Pay Benefits

An employer has a legal obligation to pay medical expenses incurred by an employee. However, employers often fail to pay these benefits. This can lead to serious consequences for the employee.

For example, an employee whose medical bills are not paid may not be able to afford treatment. In turn, they may not receive the care needed to recover.

In addition, an employee who doesn’t receive their benefits may suffer financial hardship. They may not have money to buy groceries or pay rent.
Hiring a workers’ comp law firm can help ensure that your medical bills are paid promptly.

2. When an Employee Files a Claim Too Late

Employees who file claims too late may miss out on important deadlines. For example, if you file a claim after the deadline, you may not be eligible for certain benefits. Additionally, filing a claim too late could mean that you might not receive any benefits at all.

A workers’ comp lawyer can help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the law. They can advise you about whether you need to file a claim within a specific timeframe.

3. When an Employer Denies a Claim

An employer may deny a claim without providing a legitimate explanation. An employer may deny a claim simply because the injury is not severe enough to warrant payment.

This denial may prevent you from receiving the benefits you deserve. A workers’ comp lawyer will help you determine whether your case is valid.
If you believe your employer denied your claim unfairly, contact a workers’ comp lawyer immediately.

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It doesn't matter if you're a construction worker, factory worker, retail employee, or any other type of worker; there are things you should know about worker's comp laws.
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