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i owe you absolute confidence in your work ethic and ability to work. i owe you a job within the next few days. i owe you several means of making money. i owe you the ability to pull yourself out of any mental health slump. i owe you all the resources you need to make money. i owe you the ability to fully apply yourself to your new job and make sure you are the most qualified. i owe you absolute integrity on your resume and interviews. i owe you the ability to be the best employee.
you are immune to contributing to toxic waste while you work. your work is truly ethical. you have the best reputation for working and your work ethic. your work ethic is well known and admired. you have job opportunities at every turn. you have utmost punctuality for arriving for your new job. You can score an interview and pass any job application you put in. you are immune to being refused for a job. you are immune to brain fog and stupidity. you are immune to naivete. you are absolutely able to critique capitalism while being in the work force. you are immune to sitting on your broke butt all day. you are immune to ever being broke again. you recognize the downsides of capitalism and still find hard work. you recognize how capitalism hurts others and are immune to overworking yourself. you take productive breaks from working. your new job has flexible schedules.
everybody notices your work ethic has greatly improved. everybody notices your lack of laziness. everybody notices your interest in working. everybody notices you have healthy ideals of work. everybody notices you can still work without dreaming of labour. everybody notices your smart and strong ability to do what needs to be done before it's even asked of you. everybody notices you stepping up to the plate. everybody notices your ability to function

~ enjoy

about me:
hi, I'm jen. I'm a 19yo subliminal maker
with an affinity for all things art and artistic
expression, horror films and video games,
tarot cards, witchcraft, and kawaii aesthetics.

ig @eiucalyptus
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