Work at home picking and packing job review from Uss Express: salary, and requirements for employees

The demand for shippers and packers is constantly increasing. Thus, it will be useful for you to go through this review of this logistic vacancy. All the data presented was discovered and studied by the experts of the Uss Express analytical department.
So work from home packing jobs are offered by such providers as Amazon, Uss-Express, eBay, MyUS, Whirlpool. Each employer offers a different average salary for packers - the highest sum is presented by Uss-Expres (≈$3,200) and the lowest one - by Whirlpool (≈$2,250).
Depending on the region, the hourly payments of employees are the following:
Ohio - $14.46
New York - $16.32
North Dakota - $15.31
Minnesota - $17.00
Kansas - $14.24
Alaska - $18.00
Washington - $19.85
Each employer mentioned above has some cons but the most significant ones are reported Amazon and MyUS. Workers often claim that they aren’t satisfied with their management. Work overload is also a common problem for packers.
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