work abroad subliminal (suggestion)

this is extremely detailed and complete. i spent at least an hour on just writing the affirmations. in fact, they were so many that i had to layer them.

this gives literally all you need for working abroad:
-getting desired job at desired city etc(with details at the interviews and perfect cv)
-all affs from my desired visa subliminal but desired visa is replaced with work visa
-immunity to xenophobia, racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia and all the bad stuff
-utmost fluency at the language of your desired country + getting the best grades ever at the language proficiency test
-living in desired accomodation
-mental health stuff such as not burning out and balancing different aspects of life
-be the best at your job
-desired workplace atmosphere and colleagues
-seven figures salary regardless of your job and no financial difficulties
-meeting ideal people
-your desired people also move with you to your desired country
-going back home whenever you want
-and much more.

this was made with a simple formula inspired by garebear in which i just write the affirmation naturally, as if i'm talking to someone.

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