Women Safety at Workplace | Your Stories EP - 89 | SKJ Talks | Break The Silence | Short film

Women Safety at Workplace is a short film inspiring women to stand against any kind of inappropriate behaviour in workplace

Women Safety at Workplace Powered by IDHAYAM
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Special Thanks to Arumugham Enterprises Pharmaceutical Distributors
S Rajendran and S Kolappa Pillai

Direction, Story and Dialogues
Vaisakh Balachander
Sujith K J

Vaisakh Balachander


Boss: Jayaram
Employee 1 : Vinaya Esmi
Employee 2 : Gayathri
Police Inspector : Arun Sreekantan
Constable : Arun G P
Advocate : Shyam Sreekumar
Employee 3 : Manikantan
Employee 4: S Kolappa Pillai

Poster : Manikantan
Narration : Sujith K J
Narration Camera : Vaisakh Balachander

#womensafety #workplace #skjtalks

Topics Covered
Women Safety at work place
How to create a safe work Enviornment for women
How to ensure women safety at workplace
Women's Safety in the Workplace
How To Provide Safety For Women In The Workplace
Break the silence
Women at Work
Safety at workplace
Misbehaving boss
Boss sends inappropriate messages
Boss make advancements
Boss staring makes you uncomfortable
Inappropriate comments at workplace
Inappropriate staring at workplace
Workplace safety
How to create a safe work environment for women
How to complaint inappropriate behaviour of senior employee
How to complain inappropriate behaviour of boss
Me Too movement
Name calling at workplace
Bad jokes at workplace
Inappropriate jokes at workplace
Physical advancements at workplace

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