Women Returning to Work: Empowerment and Protect Yourself When You Return to Work

Women Returning to Work: How to Empower & Protect Yourself When You Return to Work

Many women in Singapore's workforce face the challenging task of integrating their professional lives with conventional family responsibilities. Working women are also subject to various challenges due to their gender, such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

This webinar aims to help you get a better understanding of your legal rights and entitlements, which empowers you to protect yourself if you face unwelcome behaviours at work.

Join us in this FREE webinar to learn how you can protect yourself at work and explore the curated pathway options available to you. Find out more about programmes tailored to equip you with job-ready skills and connect with employers to prepare for a confident return to your professional life.

An hour of your time is the first step towards renewing your confidence towards returning to your professional life!

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