Women in Social Justice: Protecting Women and Children’s Rights | GFTalks Podcast 6

The inaugural season of Global Future talks:Breaking Barriers podcast deep-dives into the topic of “Women in Leadership”

In this fifth episode, Cazadira F. Tamzil (Director, Global Future X by Pijar Foundation) talks with Siti Octrina (Senior Project Manager, South & Southeast Asia at The Centre of Child Rights and Business) to discuss the world of social justice within the context of Indonesia and her work in it. They will explore how she has fought to protect women and child labor rights and encourage both government and private sector to create a protective and non-discriminative working environment for children and women.

The Centre of Child Rights and Business works towards supporting companies through improving their conditions that benefit workers, families and children. Their goal is to improve the lives of children through promoting and holding the rights of children in high regard in all of the operations within a company, specifically in areas where child labor tends to be a recurring issue such as the supply chains of manufacturing, agricultural and raw materials settings.

Listen in to this conversation surrounding the protection of women and children in helping solve the multifaceted issues that Indonesia faces. And we will explore how their collaborations have helped to uplift numerous lives, which is an example of how collaborative governance can help to #SolveTheFutureNow!

Creative Director: Alfianda Karuza
Production Team: Ellya Rizki Handayani & Nadya Tedjasukmana

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