Woman's Anti-Mask Rant at Grocery Store Employee Torn Apart by Lawyer

a"You're discriminating against me, I need to breathe air," she explained. When the manager informed her that she needed to leave, she refused, claiming it to be a public space.

"You don't have no balls, you're a little b**ch," she said. "Cause you don't have the law on your side to protect and not discriminate against people, and you do not have the law on your side to discriminate."

After being told she was breaking the law, the woman replied: "No I'm not breaking the law, I have the rights code 51, yeah, this is America f**k face. F**k you idiot, little no-ball-having b**ch."

The Unruh Civil Rights Act, also known as the California Civil Code Section 51 provides protection against discrimination because of sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, or sexual orientation, by businesses in California.
"Get out of my face b**ch. Get the f**k out of my face and I'll leave," she added, before saying that she actually won't leave.

"You know what I'd love," she began, after the employee said he'd love to see her arrested when the police arrive. "I'd love you to grow for balls and f***ing stand up for people, stand up for the Americans."
When the woman asked a customer if they got it on video however, it turned out to be Mandell's director, who responded: "No but I actually work with Law by Mike and you're wrong,"

In a brutal takedown of the "Karen," Mandell posted a follow-up video breaking down her claims that she had the law on her side.
"Does this Karen have to wear a mask?" he asked. "Legally, yes. Here's why."

With the use of on-screen emojis, he explained that it's similar to places refusing service to those without a shirt or shoes on—two very common rules in many stores and restaurants.

"Businesses can make you wear a mask unless you have a disability preventing you from wearing one. But even then they can accommodate your disability by requiring a face shield or offering curbside pickup," he explained.
"Don't take it out on the employees, sometimes it's not up to the business, your local laws may require them to enforce it."

"So save yourself the embarrassment of showing up in one of my videos, just be cool in public."

"Like it or not, these are the rules Karen," he summarized in the caption.

lawyer has reacted to a "Karen" claiming she shouldn't legally be refused service by a grocery store for not wearing a mask. In the video, a woman was caught in an explicit-filled verbal tirade against a worker, as she refused to leave the store, citing "rights code 51."

Michael Mandell, known online as Law by Mike, is an established lawyer and managing partner of Mandell Law in California. Mandell is also a social media sensation with over 6 million followers on his TikTok, where he regularly shares insights into U.S. laws, gives his views on cases and shares tips on how to react to different legal situations.

On December 1, Mandell uploaded a situation his director Alex witnessed in a Los Angeles grocery store, as a woman "freaked out" over staff refusing her entry. The video gained over 3.9 million views, while his legal analysis of it saw an additional 300,000.

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