Woke Voldemort Comes For Harry Potter | Ep. 1665

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The woke Left goes after Hogwarts Legacy for the supposed transphobia of Harry Potter author JK Rowling; Matt Walsh humiliates a Democratic legislator over child genital mutilation; and former Twitter executives get grilled for censorship by Congressional Republicans. 

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0:00 - Woke Voldemort Comes For Harry Potter
08:34 - Disney Announces Changes
11:18 - Why Companies Go Woke
12:59 - Airbnb Admits “Mistake”
15:16 - Middle Managers Embrace Wokeness
16:48 - Twitter Execs Grilled On The Hill
32:16 - Matt Walsh Humiliates Dem Legislator
36:22 - Standing Up To The Woke Left
41:07 - Biden’s 2024 Campaign
47:36 - Good Trump, Bad Trump
51:08 - Things I Like
58:45 - Things I Hate

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