WOKE Netflix Staff WRECKED By Neckbeard (Dave Chappelle's Supporters Rise Up!)

The woke SJW gherkins have given us plenty to laugh at in 2021 and this trend continues. In this installment we'll be looking at the woke Netflix walkout (which was a massive failure) and how it was disrupted by a YouTuber showing his support for Dave Chappelle. As always I will be covering some other topics as well as we add to the mountain of evidence which clearly shows people are straight up nuts.....

The material used in this video falls withing FAIR USE LAW as I am providing critique/criticism and original commentary in my review.

I do NOT condone or support anyone contacting the people shown in this video. This video is purely for entertainment/comedic purposes.

This video is intended for comedic/entertainment purposes and is meant to be a tongue in cheek look at some stories the mainstream media don't cover.


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