Witch Queen Lore Questions ANSWERED (ft. Myelin Games) Destiny 2

The Lore Master @Myelin Games sat us down for a stream and educated us on the Lore of Destiny surrounding the arrival of The Witch Queen.
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0:00 Intro
1:09 Can We Comprehend the Darkness?
3:21 Does The Watcher Oversee the Darkness and the Light?
5:33 Who is Skira?
6:13 Does Savathun Have Her Father's Worm in the Trailer?
7:37 Is the White Worm Related to the Worm Gods?
8:43 What Caused the Godwave?
11:02 Did the Godwave Happen?
12:10 Are Fundament's and Calus's Leviathan's Related?
13:50 What Does Fundament's Leviathan Look Like?
14:18 Why Didn't the Leviathan Stop the Sisters?
15:06 Calus Raid Boss?
17:49 Would Entity Calus Make for a good Entity Introduction?
19:42 Why Doesn't Calus Think Anyone is Worthy enough to Survive?
22:42 Did the Darkness Find Someone to Replace Calus?
23:59 What is the Darkness Hierarchy?
25:19 Are Ghosts the Light Equivelant of Worm Gods?
25:54 Will Any Dark Age Risen Return next Season?
26:52 Where is Taox? Is She Still Alive?
30:11 Is Taox Connected to The Entity?
31:37 What is Civilian Life Like in the City?
33:30 Are We Ever Going Back to the D1 Tower?
34:03 Was Xol the Weakest Worm?
35:55 Is Savathun Talking to the Traveler?
38:01 Will Crow Become Evil Again?
40:57 Is Crow the 1st Guardian To Have Access to His Past Life Memories?
42:14 Why Doesn't the Traveler Let Us Retain Our Past Memories?
45:13 Is Rasputin Making a Return?
47:36 Is Savathun's Throne World Based on Anything?
50:48 A Totally Relevant Question from Nohjja
51:10 The Osiris Worm Theory
56:07 Who is Immaru?
57:43 Outro
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