Win The War For Talent with Jade Green

If the best talent can work anywhere globally, why should they choose you and your company?

Business Consultant Jade Green goes deep in this episode on how you can win the war for talent. She encourages business owners and managers to think of recruitment as an NFL talent scout going after the very best in the business.

Think about it: How did the recruiters get quarterback Tom Brady to leave the New England Patriots after 20 years to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

As a scout, you need to know who the players are and who you want, but you also need to think about how you will court them to convince them to jump ship. Always be recruiting and get ready to pull the top talent. Look at the skills and attributes to get the players with the right talent in the right places at the right time.

Every business has a culture — whether good, bad or indifferent.
If you're looking to attract people, ask first: are your job ads attractive enough?

A powerful way to do so is to describe the behaviour of the ones already on your team. Are they always pumped and ready to rock and roll the minute they get in the door? Or are they dragging their heels throughout the day to reach their deliverables?

Get honest about your culture first; if it isn't working, fix it and avoid letting your reputation in the market be pulled down by any of those.

Every talent, every team member, and every candidate is a customer. You are selling an opportunity. You are asking candidates to get on board with your company to pay with their most precious resource in the world that they can never get back – their time.

If you're getting full-time workers, they're giving you more time away from their hobbies, children, and loved ones. So you better sell it better. Make your opportunity worth their investment.

Tune in to this episode of the Team:Engineered show — Win The War For Talent with Jade Green. ▶️

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:02:46] Exercise: Who are the top athletes or models you know?
[00:06:31] There's a war for talent going on forever
[00:10:58] #1 thing you need to think about when hiring
[00:15:21] On culture and your people's behaviours when you are not around
[00:20:18] The value of having crystal clear communication around expectations and not holding people accountable
[00:21:53] Values versus virtues
[00:24:08] Why performance reviews are not effective
[00:27:57] Building your employer brand with credible reviews and social proof
[00:32:00] Writing an advertisement, not a job list
[00:38:20] Satisfying the six human needs and beating the competition
[00:47:55] Samples of excellent ads
[00:56:08] Be like an NFL talent scout


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