If you have an interview coming up, watch our video on how to win the interview. How to do better on interviews and win the job.
Things to avoid during the interview.
Get the design job you want by interviewing better.

As a follow up to the Resume episode, Jose and Chris give you their best tips on how to perform better during the interview so that you can land the design job you want. Follow these 7 tips on how to win the interview. (Bonus Tip)

Jose's 3 tips–
00:38 Don't just talk about your work. Case studies are good way around this.
01:00 Share your process. Helps employer understand how you arrive at solutions
01:12 Ask great questions. It's supposed to be a conversation
02:19 The magic question to ask
02:53 Jose recaps

Chris' 5 tips–
03:52 Relax. If you are being interviewed, you are good enough. Otherwise, the employer wouldn't have called you.
04:09 Be a good listener. Gauge interest and go off the script and only talk about things that the employer is interested in. Don't bore the interviewer.
05:08 Don't be afraid to say "I don't know". Be thoughtful in your responses and don't make up stuff. It'll make you look bad. Punt. Compliment the interviewer and say, "That was a great question. I don't have an answer to that, but let me get back to you with a more considered response."
05:27 Be memorable by being yourself. Don't try to fit in cause you'll just fit in and no one will remember you.
07:25 Follow up after the interview by writing a hand written note. This shows your professionalism and demonstrates that you care.
07:51 Chris recaps
08:32 Role play. It's a mock interview with Chris and Jose.

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