Will Anyone Hire Me If I've Taken My Former Employer To Court?

Employment laws protect the rights of employees, and when those rights are violated employees have the right to take legal action. Are you hesitant to sue your former employment because you're afraid of how it will affect your ability to get a job in the future? Do not worry. Sueing your former employment can NOT hurt you. Let me explain.

These are the most common fears people have about seeing their boss.

Fear 1: That a future employer will find out about a lawsuit if it comes to that. This is not likely to happen. Most employers do not look that deep, and a basic criminal background check will not include this. It is unlawful to reject an employment application due to a previous claim against a former employer.

Fear 2: That seeing a former employer will lead them to badmouth your reputation. That they will give bad references. Most employers do not want to give a negative reference. Your former employer can not lie or say things that are not true about you.

Taking legal action against your employer could actually help you in the future. How? We can ensure that your former employer can not say anything negative about you. If they do, you can bring a claim against them in court.

If you are considering whether or not to sue your former employer, give us a call today.

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