Why You Should Be Getting Big Job Offers Right Now!

Join career and leadership coach and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for today's video on what happening in the job market! You'll learn what this means to you, why you should be getting big job offers right now, and what you can do to make that happen!!

0:00:00 Welcome & Let's get ready for some BIG Job Offers!
0:01:49 What's actually happening in the employment market
0:04:01 Perfect Storm: Company Growth & Employees Leaving
0:07:05 US Bureau of Labor Statistic - Data
0:11:30 What Employer's are Doing / Michael's email w/salary questions on job offer
0:14:24 1) Right Now - Sending Out Messages - Use My Job Search Challenge Techniques
0:15:15 2) Interviewing - Investigate the Employer Meets Your Career Requirements
0:16:07 Rushed Job Offer that isn't Buttoned-Up? It's Okay to Slow the Process Down
0:17:30 3) Make the Argument Why You're Worth More
0:18:40 Employers are Giving Extras
0:21:30 Do This if You're Not Getting Big Job Offers

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