Why You Should Be Coach-like in Every Conversation

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In this video, you’ll learn about why you should be coach-like in every conversation.

If you work in leadership and development, human resources (HR), corporate training, talent management, employee development, or organizational development, then it’s time to implement the world’s most popular business coaching program: The GROW® Model by InsideOut Development

Our GROW® Model, co-created by InsideOut founder and New York Times Best Selling Author Alan Fine, is the world’s most popular and impactful coaching method for consistently producing a measurable increase in employee engagement and performance. Why? It all starts with coaching leaders how to coach.

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InsideOut Development has more experience in leading companies in the GROW® Model than any other company in the world. Our proven leadership training helps companies transform their corporate culture by turning the untapped potential of their employees into increased performance.

This professional development can help you:
• Coach more frequently and effectively to free people up to do their best.
• Hold more effective, engaging employee reviews.
• Increase employee development and employee accountability.
• Close performance gaps by freeing people up to do their best work.
• Leverage strengths and deliver results most important to your organization.
• Clarify wins.
• Streamline processes.
• Increase adoption of company policies.
• Win buy-in from key players.
• Prepare better for the when’s, where’s and how’s that drive business success.
• Deploy actionable learning and tools.
• Find up to $1 million or more in cost savings.
• Have more productive, effective workplace conversations.
• Help people find and unlock their greatness.
• Learn the 3 factors you MUST have along with knowledge to be successful.

When you open new possibilities within your employees by coaching them how to coach, extraordinary things can happen.

*About InsideOut Development*
InsideOut Development enables people to coach more effectively so they can improve individual, team and ultimately organizational performance. InsideOut gives people tools to make better choices of what they focus on so they can change behavior and take greater ownership of actions that drive results. This approach leverages the GROW® Model, co-created by InsideOut founder and New York Times Best Selling Author Alan Fine during his 40 years coaching senior business executives. InsideOut Development helps create coaching cultures within organizations so people can increase employee performance, engagement and retention; company revenue and profitability; and customer satisfaction. Visit https://www.insideoutdev.com.
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