Why You Need to UNLEARN Everything You Know About the Job Search

NOTE: This episode this clip is from first premiered on March 2, 2020. We chose this episode as the second Career Therapy Rewind because Martin and Juliet specifically discuss how to work with unconventional and/or off-the-beaten path pieces of a lifetime. What should you do about a resumé gap? What if you were a professional poker player for a few years?? What if, like Martin, you sang in a ska band??? These are less talked-about career challenges and something that Juliet’s not afraid to tackle.

If you're curious, you can find the original episode here ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYGYBGkv5n8&t=14s

Here's the original description:

For Career Therapy Podcast episode 5, we welcome creative career coach Juliet Barrett to the show (for the first time).

Juliet is a self-proclaimed “incubatress of ideas,” and in this conversation, she and Martin discuss their shared interest in overcoming mental blocks. Juliet also talks about how she became a creative career coach after stints in television, broadcasting (at PBS), and professional mural painting.

Later on in the conversation we learn about Martin’s past as the singer of a ska band, and how he used that exact story in interviews. The two also touch on such taboo topics as tattoos, heavy metal songs (eg. “The Slam Dance”), and how to put items such as “professional poker player” on your resumé. It’s a fascinating discussion for anyone looking to start their own business, rebrand themselves, or even get into coaching.

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Resources & pages mentioned in this episode:

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