Why You Don't Hear Much From Dane Cook Anymore

If you were into standup comedy in the 2000s, you were at least aware of Dane Cook. Even if you weren’t keeping up with the comedy scene, you likely saw him in films like “Good Luck Chuck” and “Employee of the Month.” Indeed, it was a good decade for the comedian, but unfortunately, the 2010s would not be as kind to him.

Times changed, and Dane Cook faded into obscurity. But what exactly could have happened to slow his once-monumental career to a halt? These are the reasons why you don’t hear much from Dane Cook anymore.

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Accused of plagiarism | 0:15
Got bad reviews | 1:09
He was the butt of the joke | 2:11
His style of comedy grew tired | 3:06
Stopped touring | 3:58
His comeback tour wasn't huge | 4:56
Setbacks | 5:57
He had some flops | 6:48
Turned down projects | 7:33
Much younger girlfriend | 8:26

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