Why You Can't Find a Job

One of the most common questions I get asked comes in a variety of forms but boils down to, "why can't I find a job?" Other forms of this question are, "why can't I get an interview?", "why are recruiters or hiring manager not emailing me?", and etc. There are really three phases in getting a job and figuring out where you are failing will help you fix your problems and land a job. Also don't forget that you are competing with other qualified people. You might be doing all the below correctly however there might just be slightly better candidates given culture or job needs.

1) Application (resume issues)
2) HR Interview
3) Hiring Manager Interview

If step 1 is failing you will not get any calls for the HR interview. You need to make sure your resume matches the job postings.

If step 2 is failing you won't get a second interview with the hiring manager. You need to keep your responses short and to the point. HR just needs to know if you have the basic skills.

If step 3 is failing you, you won't be getting job offers or further team interviews. You need to give enough detail to the hiring manager to show them you really have the experience. Asking good questions is important as well and this including knowing their culture or asking about it.

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