Why won't Post-Brexit FREEPORTS benefit the United Kingdom?

FREEPORTS steal funds from the PUBLIC purse...
Chancellor of the Exchequer Richie Sunak sold Freeports to the British Public making all sorts of promises… But as you know already this Government is skimming the exchequers wallet… Just look at the PPE SCAMS but I’m confident the Good Law Project will expose the criminals in No10 even though they will probably continue Grifting You… They only need a diversion after all... will an Omicron variant do… ummmm… How convenient.
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Alexander Boris De Peppa Johnsons government has decided to create freeports in eight locations in the UK.
This is part of Tiny Susnakes plans for a post-Brexit trade boost and yet another scheme to try and level up regions of the UK.. but it won’t work NO… Think of a Freeport as an opportunity to create tax havens and the destruction of established businesses and the diminishment of local authority budgets…
Free ports can work but not 8 dotted around a small country... logistically the plan is madness… and any expert in the field will likely tell you that.
Now, Tory Scammers tell us that freeports will stimulate inward investment from businesses and regenerate deprived areas but in the UK the opposite is true… Where the rich are the fecking winners the rest of us are getting screwed.
Freeports are usually located around shipping ports or airports. They create areas that operate outside the usual customs territory, meaning that they are exempt from customs charges, tariffs and taxes and a goldmine for those wanting to export wealth out of the country... Asset holding companies will be put into overdrive so foreign investors can bleed the countries wealth without paying any tax…
Industries within the freeport the Taxes are only paid if the goods are destined in the UK. Otherwise, generally, they are sent overseas without paying a dime or a much-reduced export duty. Freeports is great for A manufacturer of multi-component products.. that source parts from more than one country... Freeports really benefit them since it reduces duties and bureaucracy… Just not you… unless you are ridiculously rich of course!
Freeports will lead to the deindustrialisation of surrounding regions as businesses relocate to freeports to take advantage of lower taxes and tariffs on offer… It will be the end of those jobs at Sunderland. They may just move jobs from one place to another and pile greater pressure on some areas which are already facing shortages, such as housing and services… But there will be no money to build houses and provide services since local authorities will have their business rates and local taxes slashed and industry outside of the freeport won’t be able to compete…
Multiple free ports in a relatively small country will compete with other freeports...The result of such will be a trade war between the freeports… unless heavy legislation is imposed but legislation goes against the Freeport model.
The Tories hate workers rights and Freeports will be used as a mechanism to reduce workers rights… Workers rights is one of the constraints set by the EU but since a whole load of numpties put that cross in the wrong box we are now outside of the EU so UK workers would not be protected while being employed in a freeport.
Freeports are bargain basements for multinational companies to enjoy increased profits at the expense of workers’ safety, employment rights and public services”. Welcome to Brexit Sir


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