"Why Not Me?" Workplace Trauma and How to Overcome It (W. Errol Olton)

Errol Olton is an Organizational Strategist who uses an energetic and inclusive approach towards building high-performing teams.

He went to school for Health Care Administration and then transitioned into Education, where he created Educational Programs for people in low-income communities.

He believes that a vision statement should live beyond a wall poster instead of being embodied in each staff member's values, actions, and measured progress towards their goals. So, in 2020, Errol led a TEDx Talk where he emphasized the importance of seeing "the faces behind the data," finding meaning beyond numerical statistics, inspiring companies to re-imagine their impact. Today, he is the Founder of The Resume Tailor, a career coaching company that provides resume writing, performance coaching, and team-building workshops.

Errol is brilliant, honest, and hilarious! TUNE IN to hear all about his fascinating story and resilience, and enjoy a free coaching session! Keep up with Errol on IG at @NYresumetailor and @ErrolOlton He is also available on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/eolton/, and his TEDx Talk can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkPU0ziAI_Y

Background - 2:10
TEDx Talk - 7:00
The Resume Tailor - 15:50
Do Resumes Still Work? - 45:40
Workplace Trauma and How to Overcome it - 48:14
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