Why Employer Branding Can’t Fix a Poor Candidate Experience

Employer brand — how candidates and employees perceive wanting to work somewhere and actually working there — is a big business. An important business, one where companies develop marketing stories of why their employees work there and why they stay. It’s exactly the things that prospective candidates want to know — and what current employees need to be constantly reminded of (and asked about).

Investing in employer branding is vital to differentiate your company, your jobs, your culture, your people, especially today, but it will never negate poor communication and feedback loops and other awkward interactions when applying for a job; when being screened, assessed, and interviewed for a job; when made offers and prior to Day One if hired.

Watch this webinar recording with Talent Board president Kevin Grossman from April 20, 2022, at 2 PM ET. Key takeaways include:

-How employer brand permeates the candidate experience journey from pre-application to onboarding
-Why investing in candidate experience improvements is vital to maintaining all your employer branding investments
-How sustaining candidate experience improvements year after year can ensure your employer brand equity pays out in referrals and revenue
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