Why Do Creators Hate Adobe So Much?

Adobe is one of those background companies that you never think about, but they’re extraordinarily profitable and strong. They’ve got an iron grip on the entire creative software market with everything from Photoshop and Lightroom to Premiere Pro and Animate. At first, the company seems pretty boring and uncontroversial, but a lot of creators actually hate Adobe with a passion. One of the biggest catalysts for this distaste was Adobe’s decision to switch to a subscription model from a licensing model several years ago. Not only did this make Adobe software significantly more expensive for most creators, but it allowed Adobe to slack off with updates and maintenance given that they would pull in revenue either way. To make things worse, it seems like Adobe is even exploring unethical options to increase their revenue. Ironically though, their internal business is the exact opposite. In fact, Adobe regularly ranks as one of the best employers in the world. So, why does Adobe have such a disparity between happy employees and angry customers? This video explains the main differences between Adobe’s customers and employees and how Adobe went so wrong with their customers.

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0:00 - The Hate For Adobe
2:42 - Milking Customers
6:10 - Unethical Practices
9:30 - Employee Champion
11:44 - The State Of Adobe

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