Why are PPC Specialists Paid Higher Than Other VAs? | Filipino PPC Masters Story With Coach Marcus

If you’re here watching this video to find out more about freelancing, it means meron kang hugot. Maybe you wanna get your own horse, maybe you wanna travel, or you just wanna have better pay.

For Coach Marcus, co-creator of the FPPCM course of AmazoNationPH, his reason was his children. As a BPO worker, he barely made time for his family. One day, it stung him when he realized that his kids may grow up never really knowing him. It’s a problem for so many working parents today… they’re so near yet so far. Does this sound familiar to you?

Watch this video and find out what pushed him and his wife, Coach Dine, to create a PPC course that’s now 500 members strong, and is continuing to mold highly-paid Filipino PPC specialists. His life changed, and now he’s hoping he can do the same for others, and for you, too.

Key Takeaways:
Introducing Coach Marcus (00:00)
From freelancing to ASVA (04:06)
Creating the FPPCM course (09:48)
Strategies to get a client (17:35)
Best thing about being a freelancer (25:45)
How to succeed in PPC (31:49)

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