Why 70% of Millennials Are About to Quit Their Jobs

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First, EMPLOYEES QUIT because they wanted to work from home.

The reality is, any employees got USED to working remotely, not having a commute, and being able to focus on their work without any office distraction - and that’s something they want the option of keeping.

Second, Employees are looking for LESS WORK.

With a labor shortage and a strong economy, employees now have a chance to look for other opportunities where they could make the same - if not MORE money, for fewer hours and less work - so, they’re taking it.

Third, people are quitting because they value CAREER GROWTH.

It was found that “80% of those thinking of leaving a job are concerned about career growth, and nearly 75% say the shut down made them rethink their skill sets.” It was even said that “High-performing workers are the most concerned about career advancement in their current jobs, and they no longer feel geographically tied to local employers in a remote world.” Some people are even taking this into their own hands, with “new business applications the highest on record in 2021.”

Fourth, employees are also quitting because they’re getting BETTER OFFERS with HIGHER PAY.

Workers who stay loyal to the same job make, on average, 50% LESS than someone who switches jobs every 2-3 years. That’s because workers who switch jobs are able to negotiate better terms with an increased pay…and now, during a worker SHORTAGE, the EMPLOYEE has more leverage in terms of who they pick to work with.

And fifth - companies are flat out getting more competitive.

In 2022…Employees have the upper hand, so - to entice them to join a new company - employers have to pay more, offer better conditions, and give more flexibility. Even industries in “Silicon Valley” are no longer geographically tied to San Fransisco, with a staffing agency saying: “what we’re seeing is basically a 40% premium when comparing current ranges against pre-Covid salaries for tech workers.”

HOWEVER - According to a new survey…. 72% of workers who changed their jobs were surprised to learn that their new roles were DIFFERENT from what they were led to believe…causing a term known as “SHIFT SHOCK.”

The reason for this is twofold: one, job seekers aren’t asking the right questions during an interview, and two - it could be that the recruiter misrepresented the role, or was overly optimistic about the company to get them to join. It’s also difficult to assess a new workplace through Zoom, and when candidates don’t visit an office in-person - THAT can present future challenges.

As a result, more and more workers are choosing to QUIT THEIR JOBS - AGAIN - than stick it out for one to two years to avoid a “stain on their records.” In fact, 80% of millennials and Generation Z say it's OK to leave a new job in six months…1-in-5 admitted that they would quit within a MONTH if it’s not as expected…and nearly HALF would try to get their old jobs back.

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