Where Do You Get Your Protein? Ep.7 - Personal and Societal Revolution with Dr. Louis Venters, PhD

Dr. Louis Venters is a professor of history at Francis Marion University, has a doctorate of philosophy, is co-author of multiple award-winning papers, and is a past client of Sawyer's who has many nuggets of wisdom to share with you all about personal growth as well as how societies evolve. Ask yourself the big questions about the future of yourself, your community, and your universe on this week's episode!

Two vegan bros answer some of life's most important questions. Can I get jacked eating plants? Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Join us for some casual conversation about fitness, fantasy, and anything else that tickles our fancy. You might even learn a thing or two along the way.

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Sawyer's Instagram: @soyboyfitnesscoaching
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