Where creativity flows, new ideas show. Mind-mapping as a job search tool.

QUESTION: How do you know when you're stressed? ANSWER: You do the same old things in the same way - and expect different results. Enter mind mapping - a great tool to unlock creative new ideas.

On this session of #CareerCarePackage we're playing a few #CardsAgainstInsanity to help you unlock new ideas for your job search -starting with talking about mind-mapping as a tool, and including a few other cards to stimulate creative thinking along the way.

Think story-telling, networking and twitter for a start.

And to help us are two experts from across the globe @Renuka Tandon - Executive Coach and Career Coach and HR Expert @Nimrata Randhawa Kapoor.

So come join us at 12pm 15/10 Melbourne time -for what will be a stimulating discussion with bold and fresh ideas.

Can't wait to see you there.
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