when you're all alone, i will reach for you. when you're feeling low, i will be there too.

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benefits ☆
_get good grades no matter what, your grades are always the highest ever, always get perfect grades no matter what your answers were, get the highest grades in your class, teachers/professors always give you the highest marks, you don’t even try to get good grades yet you always get them. you are able to change past grades to your desired ones, your grades change to the highest ones possible, all your past grades have already been changed to the highest ones. you are able to concentrate while studying, you are very motivated to study, you are motivated to actually put effort into studying, you are motivated to learn and go to class, and time passes by super fast when you go to class or while you’re studying, you’re super efficient when it comes to studying and learning, you always nail it.

calm version: no calm version, sorry.
song: apocalypse by cas.

hello, everyone! you can call me qinhui. my subliminals are all safe and only contain positive affirmations. all my subliminals are unisex and bundable if not stated otherwise. the benefits are only benefits as the affirmations are always more detailed. listening once is enough and all benefits are if desired. if there is no mention of any 'calm version' it's probably because there is none. hope you enjoy your stay here :).

what are subliminals?
subliminals are audios with positive affirmations under rain sounds, music, etc. they are meant to be able to be understandable for the subconscious mind instead of the conscious mind and have an effect on people to better themselves or their lives.

unlisted subs: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxe8_QL1LIDPuBFy7N7OCyrkD2H5QgTaJ
suggestions form: https://forms.gle/8ra6Gwc9KdNXyUuY9
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