When An INNOCENT Cop Is Suspected By His Own Department - Interrogation of Raymond McCann

Ray McCann is suspected by his own department, these are his interrogations.
Location: Constantine, MI, USA
This interview took place on Nov. 5th 2010. Performed by Constantine Police Chief James Bedell.

Ray was a reserve officer at the time, and he volunteered to help search for 11 year old Jodi Parrack who went missing on November 8th 2007. After most notable locations around town were searched, Ray recommended searching the local cemetery, where the little girl was ultimately found. She was not alive, and was SA’d… Over the next 8 years, Ray McCann would have 4 recorded interviews regarding this situation... Look for the 2nd interview tomorrow!

NOTE: Raymond McCann is INNOCENT of these crimes, and his department of deplorable human beings made his life a living hell over the course of these 8 years. He was fully exonerated and the true killer was found and convicted.

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