What's new in Python 3.11 (7 new features in upcoming python 3.11)

Python 3.11 key features timestamped:
0:00 Intro and Background
02:18 Error Messages (Python 3.10+)
07:18 KeyError in Python3.11
14:26 Variadic Generics
15:58 tomllib
16:43 Python's exception groups (except*)
20:01 asyncio's taskgroups
26:09 Bonus: Installing python3.11 (ubuntu / debian / linux)

Links Mentioned in video:
- What's New in Python 3.11 (Official docs): https://docs.python.org/3.11/whatsnew/3.11.html
- Self Type PEP 673:
- Variadic Generics PEP 646:

Not an exhaustive list of what's new in python 3.11, but it's a compilation of its biggest feature set to help you decide whether to switch / upgrade to python 3.11 for your next project!
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