What's in my project bag? Essential knitting tools!

A list of essential knitting tools I always keep in my project bag. My favorite yarn, needles, and so on. Read the full post here: https://nimble-needles.com/wool-and-tools/my-knitting-toolkit-essential-items-i-need-for-every-project/

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Knitting is, all things, considered, a cheap(ish) hobby. You don't need all that many tools to get started. And that's why I typically don't talk too much about knitting tools here on my channel. Yet, I do get a lot of questions about my yarn/needles/etc so in this video, I wanted to share my favorite knitting tools. Things I accumulated in the past 30 years and really came to enjoy. Now, there's absolutely no need to buy the exact same knitting needles, yarn, scissors, and stitch markers that I am using. It all boils down to personal preferences. But the general items, that's certainly something you might want to put in your project bag as well or to use to compile your very own knitting toolkit.

0:00 Introduction to my favorite knitting tools
1:30 My project bags
3:16 My favorite knitting needles
8:11 My favorite yarn for knitting
13:43 Scissors
15:48 Stitch markers
16:48 Row counters
17:21 Tape measure
18:06 Neck light
18:57 Tapestry needles
19:55 Emery board

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