What you need to know working with a headhunter - Mark Sasson of Pinpoint Search Group

While cybersecurity vendors are outsourcing what they don't specialize in (recruitment) to “experts,” not all headhunters are created equal. What do they do, and what do they bring to the table. Mark Sasson, Managing Partner for Pinpoint Search Group, walks though what you need to know.

00:00 What does a headhunter do?
00:58 How does the relationship work at it's best?
01:57 Talk to me about the three basic engagement options
02:59 How should someone choose one?
04:38 what are you seeing right now in terms of hiring? How much power does the employee hold right now?
06:47 What's the biggest challenge right now to meet the demand of employers?
08:08 Are prices just going up or is there more to it?
09:36 What about remote work? Is that a factor?
10:40 Why are headhunters struggling to hire top security talent?
11:40 What one change would you make with employers?
13:49 Should recruiting be done continuously?

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