What You Need To Know About MAGIC with Cal Melkez [The Domain of Wizards]

Welcome to Open Your Reality. Have you been wondering about the world of magic? Is magic real? Where does it originate from? How does magic work? What you need to know about magic are answered in today's video featuring Cal Melkez. Cal has been practicing magic for over a decade and has his own youtube channel. The link to it is below. I brought him on as a guest to quiz him on the finer points of magic, as he is much more adept in magic than myself. Enjoy the interview and check out his channel.

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In this video, Cal Melkez will teach you what you need to know about magic. Cal is skilled in how to use magical powers. The world of magic is truly incredible when you delve into it. I believe true magic powers can be seen in people all around the world. If you've been wondering how to learn magical powers, please watch this entire video and subscribe. Thank you.

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