What workers need to know if they have multiple dates of injury (multiple workers' comp claims)

This video reviews common issues that come up when injured workers have multiple injuries at work. If you are an injured worker with a California injury, and don’t have an attorney, this video is intended to help provide an overview of workers’ compensation topics so you can better represent yourself.

When an injured workers has two or more injuries on the job, and they occur near to one another, it can mean multiple primary treating physicians (one for each injury), it can mean multiple QME's depending on timing, and it can mean multiple Stipulations at settlement. This video goes through some common issues that come up when workers have two or more injuries at the same job.

Jeremy Lusk is a certified specialist in workers’ compensation with almost two decades of experience, and previously served as a Judge at the Fresno District Office of the WCAB. He has worked out of Fresno, but appeared at numerous Boards to represent both injured workers and employers/carriers.

No attorney/client relationship is created or implied by this video. This video is not offering legal advice as to what you should, or should not, do in your workers’ compensation case, but rather offers education/information as to the California workers’ compensation system for unrepresented workers so they can better represent themselves and make more informed decisions.

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