What to Expect at an Engineering Interview

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In this video I go over engineering interviews and what to expect. I focus mainly on interviews for internships and entry level jobs.

Note that everything in this video can apply to an engineering jobs OR an internship.

When interviewing for an engineering company it's possible that you'll be asked technical questions. These are questions where you may have to draw a free body diagram, solve a simple circuit problem, or write a simple program on the whiteboard. These won't be too in depth but it's important to have a foundation for basic engineering principles.

You'll be asked some typical interview questions which I discuss in the video such as "What was one obstacle you've had to overcome as an engineer?"

And don't forget to ask questions at the end! You want to show that you have an interest in working for the company. You can even prepare questions beforehand that you will ask at the end of the interview.

Interviews will all differ but these were some consistent aspects that I came across and heard from people.

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