What The HELL Happened To Rockstar?

Rockstar Games is known to be one of the finest studios around the globe. Originally known as DMA Design, the studio came into the spotlight with Grand Theft Auto which came out in 1997. However, the turn of the century brought with itself great fame and acclaim for the developer when it released Grand Theft Auto 3 to rave reviews and sales in 2001.

Ever since then, Rockstar has enjoyed its position as the cream of the crop by sustaining a consistent and quality output of genre-pushing titles over the years. However, Take-Two's premier group of institutions has been making a ton of choices lately that have significantly marred down its reputation in the public.

From no news on Grand Theft Auto 6 to the very recent debacle that was Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition’s release, one cannot help but ask- what the hell happened to Rockstar?
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